Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nail Blog 1 August 28th

Hey Guys! So here is the Nail Blog i promised a while ago. It's a basic light orange with sparkles on top. The orange one is Crushed by Sally Hansen, and the sparkle one doesn't have a name, but it is also by Sally Hansen. I hope you like it, and it you have any requests on the next nail blog, suggestions, questions, or comments, just comment below. Thanks guys!

Tip: Try to limit the sparkles so the orange still pops. :)

Next Blog is coming soon! Maybe even possibly tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blogs to Come..

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn't post the Nail Blog! I took the pictures but right as i was going to sign in to post them, my friend came. So I've been busy with my friend, but i promise right as i get the chance to upload the pictures i will!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome and About Me

Hi everyone thank you for coming to my blog! Here i will be posting daily blog entry's on what i did today, blog entry's for Julia's Duct Tape Stand, and blog entry's for Pretty Little Nailz. The blog entry's for Julia's Duct Tape Stand will be labeled Julia's Duct Tape Stand, the blog entry's for Pretty Little Nailz will be labeled Pretty Little Nailz, and just regular blogs of what i did today will just be the name of what i choose the blog to be.So, Julia's Duct Tape Stand (JDTS) is a family business thing where i make duct tape crafts and sell them to make money. Pretty Little Nailz is just where i take pictures of the nail polish stuff i do (which includes nail designs, crackle, magnetic nail polish, and water marbling) and i post them on this blog. I hope you enjoy my blog!!


  • My name is Julia
  • My favorite color is lime green
  • My favorite store is Michaels!!!
  • I have two cats, Mario and Luigi
  • I have one puppy, Cocoa
  • I have a younger brother
  • My hobbies include reading, writing, playing the clarinet, making things out of duct tape, and nail polish!!!
  •  My favorite food is strawberries :) :) :D