Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Nail Polish Design!

Hi everyone! I have a new nail polish design I want to show you all! It is Christmas colored but only one finger on each hand is green, which is kinda "in".

1. Paint a red on each finger except your ring finger on each hands. Allow to dry.

2. Now, paint your ring fingers green. Allow to dry.

3. Put sparkles on top of each finger. Allow to dry.

4. Put on a top coat and allow to dry. Enjoy!

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Nail Polish Blog!

Hi everyone! I am back from my long break from nail polish! I am so excited!! I have so many new ideas i know you guys will love!! Since Christmas is less than a month away, a lot of the nail tutorials will be holiday themed. I am trying to work on doing video nail tutorials, but we'll see. Anyways, here is the new nail polish design i did. I made it look kind of like it's snowing.....

The camera had a glare no matter what the angle was.... sorry!


1) Prep your nails with a bottom coat to protect your natural nail. Allow to dry.

2) Put on a light blue color of nail polish. Mine was Wet & Wild: Wild Shine. Allow to dry.

3) Put on a clear sparkle coat. Mine was also Wet &Wild: Wild Shine. Allow to dry.

4) Put on a top coat to prevent chipping. Allow to dry.

Okay guys, i hope you liked it! Please comment below some suggestions you have for me for the next blog! The next blog will be really soon, some time around this coming Thursday! Bye! :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ulta Nail Polish Haul!!

Hey guys!! I just got back from Ulta and got some really cool nail polish i wanted to show you!!! I know i promised a new nail blog, but sadly i lost the pictures i took and it isn't on my nails anymore :(. I'll look really hard to find the pictures. So here's what i got:

Orly Flash Glam FX Collection: Watch it Glitter (bronze)

Orly Flash Glam FX Collection: Be Brave (pink)

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Collection: Be-Jeweled (purple)

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Collection: Glitz Gal (silver)

Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish Collection: Retro Pink (pink)

I'll post a nail polish blog for each of these nail polishes, but  mostly looking forward to the Hologram Effect Nail Polish!!! :) :) :D :D So check back soon because I'm hoping i'll be able to post tomorrow!! Bye!! :D

Monday, September 3, 2012

NEW: Crackle Tips and Pics Blog!!!!

Hello everyone! I know you have been waiting a while for this.... BUT, IT'S FINALLY HERE!! As you can tell i am very excited!

Okay, so i have painted onto plain white paper, what i think looks best with certain types of crackle colors. My paper is separated into 4 quadrants (or sections) and each quadrant has a different crackle color. Their are four per quadrant. Under the crackle color, their is the brand name of the base coat of the nail polish i used, i also took pictures, they will be located at the bottom of the blog. 

Here is what the whole paper looks like, don't worry i zoomed in on each of the quadrants in the other pics. 

Here is the first quadrant (top left) the crackle color is white.

The first one is red with white crackle, the second is purple with white crackle, the third is bright lime green with white crackle, and the last is light green with white crackle. Here is what i used for it.
Insta Dri, Insta Dri, Funky Fingers, Insta Dri, Sally Hansen Crackle

 Here is the second quadrant (top right) and the crackle color is red.

 The first is orange with red crackle, the second is blue with red crackle, the third is black with red crackle (didnt turn out to good! lol :) ) and the last one is white with red crackle. Here is what i used:

Insta Dri, Insta Dri, Hard as Nails Sally Hansen, Insta Dri, Sally Hansen Crackle

Here is the third quadrant (bottom left) the crackle color is dark blue.

The first is light blue with blue crackle, the second is dark blue with blue crackle, the third is white with blue crackle, and the last one is silver with blue crackle. Here is what i used:

Insta Dri, Insta Dri, Insta Dri, Insta Dri, Funky Fingers Crackle

And here is the last quadrant (bottom right) the crackle color is black.

The first is yellow with black crackle,second is white with black crackle, the third is red with black crackle, and the last is orange with black crackle. Here is what i used:

Insta Dri, Insta Dri, Insta Dri, Insta Dri, OPI Shatter

Crackle Tip: When applying crackle, start in the middle of your nail, and work your way to the outside, this evens out the crackle. Also, dont use to much crackle, or it wont crack as good.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back from Ulta Mini Haul!!

Hi everyone!! My mom and I just got back from Ulta (Beauty Store) and i just wanted to show you guys what i got nail-polish-wise.

First off: is this really pretty blue sparkles by Revlon that i just knew would be one of my fav colors!! 

Then i got this French Manicure Kit. I've always wanted to try a french manicure!! And inside the french manicure was::

Light pink for the base.

White for the tips.

And finally, a base and top coat in one.

Hopefully i will try this french manicure really soon, but i will keep you guys posted. And, if you guys like this stuff, you can go to a local Ulta Beauty Store to get them. Thanks guys!! And tell me what you think in the comments below!! Bye!!!! :D :D :) :)

More of: My Fav. Blogs, Vids, and Pics! :)

Heyyy! I still feel bad that i had to post pone the Crackle Blog to tomorrow, so i am going to be posting more links to cool nail polish websites, pictures of cool nail designs, and Tutorials of some of my fav nail designs! Here are more cool Nail Polish Blogs that are updated almost everyday:


Okay, and here are some links to pictures of cool nail designs:


And finally, here are some links to you tube videos of nail polish tutorials and Polish in Motion (by: mysimplelittlepleasures) ::: :


Okay guys! Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back later today or tomorrow because i will hopefully post another blog tonight, but if not, look for the Crackle Blog tomorrow!!! Bye!! :) :D

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Upcoming Crackle Tips and Pics

Hey!! So, in my latest nail blog, i said to check out the Crackle Blog that i put up. I am going to have to post pone putting it up till Monday. And, also on Monday, i will have a special Labor Day SURPRISE!!! So, be sure to come back late Monday!!

Now, since i feel bad i have to post pone the Crackle Blog, i am going to list names of really cool nail polish experts blogs:






NEW Nail Polish Blog!!!

Hey guys! I know you have been waiting a while for this new Nail Polish Blog, so here it is!

I actually did this design a while ago, but this time i used a different base coat so it looks way better:

Messed up in the middle.... :)

And here is what i used for it:

Left to right: Insta-Dri (Lively Lilac), OPI (DS Temptations), OPI (Clear coat)


1) Put on a base coat first to protect your natural nail. Allow 5 minutes to dry, or until dry.

2) Put one coat of the Lively Lilac on top of the base coat. Allow to dry.

3) Put on one coat of the DS Temptations Purple Glitter, and allow to dry. 

4) Put on a top coat, or clear base coat, and allow to dry. 

If you have any questions, comments, or a suggestion for the next nail blog, comment below! Thanks guys!! And, be sure to check out the most recent blog of what goes best with Crackle! Bye!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nail Blog 1 August 28th

Hey Guys! So here is the Nail Blog i promised a while ago. It's a basic light orange with sparkles on top. The orange one is Crushed by Sally Hansen, and the sparkle one doesn't have a name, but it is also by Sally Hansen. I hope you like it, and it you have any requests on the next nail blog, suggestions, questions, or comments, just comment below. Thanks guys!

Tip: Try to limit the sparkles so the orange still pops. :)

Next Blog is coming soon! Maybe even possibly tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blogs to Come..

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn't post the Nail Blog! I took the pictures but right as i was going to sign in to post them, my friend came. So I've been busy with my friend, but i promise right as i get the chance to upload the pictures i will!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome and About Me

Hi everyone thank you for coming to my blog! Here i will be posting daily blog entry's on what i did today, blog entry's for Julia's Duct Tape Stand, and blog entry's for Pretty Little Nailz. The blog entry's for Julia's Duct Tape Stand will be labeled Julia's Duct Tape Stand, the blog entry's for Pretty Little Nailz will be labeled Pretty Little Nailz, and just regular blogs of what i did today will just be the name of what i choose the blog to be.So, Julia's Duct Tape Stand (JDTS) is a family business thing where i make duct tape crafts and sell them to make money. Pretty Little Nailz is just where i take pictures of the nail polish stuff i do (which includes nail designs, crackle, magnetic nail polish, and water marbling) and i post them on this blog. I hope you enjoy my blog!!


  • My name is Julia
  • My favorite color is lime green
  • My favorite store is Michaels!!!
  • I have two cats, Mario and Luigi
  • I have one puppy, Cocoa
  • I have a younger brother
  • My hobbies include reading, writing, playing the clarinet, making things out of duct tape, and nail polish!!!
  •  My favorite food is strawberries :) :) :D