Saturday, September 1, 2012

NEW Nail Polish Blog!!!

Hey guys! I know you have been waiting a while for this new Nail Polish Blog, so here it is!

I actually did this design a while ago, but this time i used a different base coat so it looks way better:

Messed up in the middle.... :)

And here is what i used for it:

Left to right: Insta-Dri (Lively Lilac), OPI (DS Temptations), OPI (Clear coat)


1) Put on a base coat first to protect your natural nail. Allow 5 minutes to dry, or until dry.

2) Put one coat of the Lively Lilac on top of the base coat. Allow to dry.

3) Put on one coat of the DS Temptations Purple Glitter, and allow to dry. 

4) Put on a top coat, or clear base coat, and allow to dry. 

If you have any questions, comments, or a suggestion for the next nail blog, comment below! Thanks guys!! And, be sure to check out the most recent blog of what goes best with Crackle! Bye!

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